Jacopo Venerosi Pesciolini

Claudia Remisceg

Federica Barni

Arianna Pieri

Ernesto Bartolini


Archiloop is an architectural office that was born from a natural development of two structures called Da.Studio and Archisette.

Da.Studio, founded by Arianna Pieri and Ernesto Bartolini, soon after joined by Claudia Remisceg and Jacopo Venerosi Pesciolini, in the course of the years developed  works on its own and in cooperation with Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners, for which it has supervised their Italian projects, and with Ab Rogers Design in which Arianna Pieri and Ernesto Bartolini have been associates since July 2015. Federica Barni has joined the team during Archisette and has added her important knowledge about Project Managing.

The Archiloop structure is able to guarantee efficient responses to the new challenges through a multidisciplinary approach, involving appropriately the professional skills of the associates to redefine problems outside of normal boundaries and reach solutions drawing from the added value of the different abilities and competences of its associate-members.

The office is able to develop complex planning of different scale, from the urban planning stage to the interior design placing always social, economic and environmental sustainability among its main goals.

Through the several international experiences and the respect and awareness of the Italian reality, the studio, has performed and gained a growing ability in developing interventions in historical consolidated tissues, highlighting evidences and memoires of the existing patrimony  preserving also local identities.

A peculiar  attention throughout the projecting process is paid to the research and enhancement of the building technologies and innovative material with low environmental impact, by choosing when possible products and factories from the neighboring sites, thus building a trait-d’union between architecture and territory already in the preliminary stages. The building material chosen are always the result of specific evaluations which respond to the peculiarities of the background.

Archiloop’s procedure is based on the wide and cooperative participation of all people playing a role in the development and carrying out of the projects. Consultants, Craftsmen and Producers are involved in the project since its earliest stage.

In summary this structure is able to provide every type of service concerning architecture:  from the concept to the stage of planning, work supervision, project managing and estimation and control of the costs availing itself, for specific fields, i.e. structures, geologic aspects, services, of trustworthy and experienced coworkers.